Constitution Hill

Located at the end of ridge that joins Dallas Mountain with Derby Peak, Constitution Hill has magnificent views overlooking the Hope River valley and most of Kingston. In addition to coffee farming and small-scale farming of cash crops and livestock-rearing, there are many small commercial establishments in the community, and there is a block making factory.

The Constitution Hill Community Development Council was formed in 2002, incorporating the existing community group, which was formed as early as the 1970s. The CDC includes very experienced persons representing a range of groups, including the JAS, the Home Economics group, the churches, the PTA, and the Senior Citizens group. The organization has achieved several significant goals: the construction of a bus stop, the erection of a notice board, annual treats for children and senior citizens, fundraising for the school, paving of the school yard, and road surfacing, among many others.

Most recently, the CDC has undertaken the construction of a new Postal Agency. It is expected that this facility will be completed in the next few months.

The community of Constitution Hill has two basic schools, an all-age school and churches which are actively involved in the community. Constitution Hill boasts a library at the school and another one at the Methodist Church.

Electricity and phone lines are everywhere accessible. The main road to Constitution Hill is fair, but minor roads connecting the districts and internal roads are unpaved.

After the completion of the Postal Agency–which the CDC hopes will be upgraded to Post Office status–the Constitution Hill CDC next wants to pursue the creation of a multi-purpose centre, including a play ground for children and sports fields, a meeting centre, a facility for the home-economics group. At this point, the all-age school serves a variety of functions, and the relatively small number of students means that the building is available for other activities. As an alternative to the construction of a multi-purpose community centre, or at least an interim solution, converting the school into a genuine multi-purpose facility could be an option.