Hike # 10 : Industry Village - Irish Town - Redlight - Gordon Town

Saturday 27 January 2007

Crispin, Dayne, Dickeesha, Everton, Kaideane, Karl, Keris, Shaniek, Sherona, Ramond, Odane, Jhanine, Jheanell, Paul

In Papine again and by 8.15am, we were a group of fourteen, up from our previous best of just five! Somehow, we fit in and on the pick-up, this time for the short ride to Industry Village, on the way to Gordon Town. Some little delay there as the law of multiple proportion kicks in – as the numbers grow, the stops increase to the power of two, even three…

But no problem and we are soon on our way up a winding track past the homes busy with Saturday morning chores, and washing by the stand-pipe. Tired legs begin to take their toll as the sometimes-steep path take us up to the Irish Town Road. There we rest a good while, partly to retrieve one energetic member of the party who has taken to the main road, a much longer route than the short-cut up Ellerslie Way that we then tackle.

A track soon leads off to the right, once a driving road perhaps but now only good for feet or donkeys. More stops to recover our breath but eventually to the Irish Town road again, near to ‘Bellencita’, the Bustamante’s retirement residence.

Through Irish Town, past a basketball court painted on the road we resist the urge (quite easily) to take the short, steep detour to Strawberry Hill. Finally on the flat at Craighton Coffee Estate, recently in the news as the weding venue of Beenie Man and D’Angel, or should that be Mr.& Mrs.Moses? On to Redlight, with clear views of of what may have been its progenitor, the soldier camp nestled high in the hills at Newcastle. So far we have been walking for a rather long two hours, but now a change of pace as we head down the track by the river towards Penfield and then Gordon Town.

A short stop at a remembered swimming spot, but we move on past fruit trees tempting some with their orange and chocolate cravings. Two sturdy bridges, which have seen off many a hurricane flood, take us past Mount Industry to a long stop at the waterfall-swimming spot near Penfield. A few of us brave the cold, but refreshing water – the others will join us next time for sure!

Gordon Town not far now on the narrow driving road, past the ex-residence of Louise Bennett. No bus ready for us in the square so we walk the last half mile to the waiting pick-p in Industry Village. Finally in Papine once more, at just past 2pm, a little tired but spiritually refreshed, perhaps.