Hike # 15 : Papine - Constitution Hill - Gordon Town

8 March 2008

Ramond, David D, Sashanna, LaVonne, Jerome, Bryan, Jahnoy, Jermaine, Paul

Jamaica time kicked in today, so we don't leave Papine until 9am. But not too far to go this time...


Walking down through Tavern and across the bridge to Kintyre, it doesn't seem like a hike, which is supposed to be in the country parts, nuh? But as we climb the hill behind Hope Flats, the streets turn into a steep dirt road and we are soon taking a new look at Papine.


Tamarind tree and plenty to eat from it as we really leave the city behind. The going is hard in the hot sun and lots more hill to go... legs mus res'.


Not far now from Constitution Hill itself and we rest up a little longer this time. A curious puss is lucky enough to share in the snacks going around.

Through the community and then turn left on the road that leads to the coffee farm atop Darby Peak. But we turn left again ... down the wrong track at first. Eventually find the right way, drop down a few hundred feet before climbing back up a much cooler, shaded path than the one coming from Kintyre.


Time to rest again at the highest point of this hike, near to Mr.Taylor's house. We share the view of Kingston far below that his family can enjoy every day.


Downwards now towards Dublin Castle, but another turn on a short-cut track towards Gordon Town. And there we find our river, where we spend an hour or more, doing nothing very much but massaging the soul.


The last leg down to the main Mavis Bank Road. No-one looks very tired - shall have to hike much further next time (yes, Blue Mountain Peak lined up soon).


Into Gordon Town, and no bus wants to come find us, so two taxis will do instead. Back to Papine in a circle trip that few looking up into the hills would even know about. Yet alone the pleasures on the way...