Hike # 18 : Industry Village - Irish Town - Redlight - Gordon Town

7 March 2009

Sheree, Crispin, Chad, Dravon, Javon, Sherona, Yashika, Cornelia, Benny, Nathalie, Jodi-Ann, Romario, John, Paul

Papine as usual at 8am, or thereabouts. Just enough of us (14) to fill the pick-up for the short drive to Industry Village, on the road to Gordon Town. Soon on the path, passing the enormous buttress root of a cotton tree... Crispin still in the lead!

We don't usually rush these hikes, so plenty of time to take a break. Not long before we cross the Irish Town road ... too early for the shop to open.

Following the path which turns off Ellerslie Way, we reach the Irish Town road again to take a break on a bank near Busta's home. That's the steepest parts done - a mile or two along the road now through Irish Town to Redlight. Ripe bananas on the way to keep us going (where is the picture???)

The view looking south across Kingston and the Liguanea plain is wonderful in the bright sunshine. But equally the hills stretching up towards Greenwich... not quite on top of the world but that place is much colder than this!

Lively conversations about the proper role for women (and the improper role of men) take place quite appropriately near to Craigton Estate, home of the long-lived marriage of Beenie Man and D'Angel. Crispin in the lead again here too??? But then we turn down the path at Redlight towards Gordon Town.

Now this ROCK - need to paint on the 'Blue Mountain Club' emblem (which emblem is that??), since we really did adopt it this time. Competing with the the truck for the largest number of people that can be accommodated. A lovely spot, and hard to drag ourselves away after sharing food, Biblical-style (see Matthew 14:1321, Mark 6:31-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:5-15). Good enough even for Javon to meditate... those lemons on Sherona's lap reaped (with permission) along the way.

So here we all are, together. A happy crowd??? Posed pictures are never the best, especially when waiting for a camera to click after an indeterminate number of seconds.

A sweeter fruit proves too high for even our best high-jumpers, caught in action here. Less energetic a baby patoo (owl), unperturbed by the gaping humans... must be thinking "Have you guys never seen an owl before? Anyway, just keep your distance, my mom is close by... "

On to the waterfall bathing spot, which is too cold for some. Come ladies, Etana doing a photo-shoot here last year... and she survived. Need to look out for those washing dishes further downstream when bathing here, it seems.

Aaa-ow... that garbage thrown down the hillside into the river, into Mona reservoir, into our pipes. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind or just taking time to adjust to non-biodegradable waste?

Thanks to Sherona, and a friendly shop-keeper, most of us now enjoying an icy bag-juice, supplemented for some with more bread and cheese-spread. Doing even better than in those Biblical times?

On the last leg from Penfield to Gordon Town, but not quite on our last legs (how many legs are we supposed to have?) even if a little weary. The truck awaits us once more and we return to Papine, which is its usual lively self on a Saturday afternoon. Til next time...