Hike # 21 : Holywell - Gordon Town

30 January 2010

Yashika, Nathalie, Andre, Shane, Raymond, Shaniek, Lavonne, Sachanna, David, Jamie, Jason, Gordon, Chen, Alecia, Javon, Dravon, Leon, Dwight, Sheree, Nikita, Roxanne, Odeal, Paul + two more ??

What a start to 2010! Late and double-booked buses so we don't leave UTECH until 10.45am after our bus has been downtown and back! So many turn up, many of whom had not emailed beforehand, that we can hardly squeeze into the bus, with six seats already taken by the CSP students. But we set off, still leaving some behind who are calling for us to wait for their lateness. And also leaving others who had emailed but do not show up at all!

The weather is good nevertheless and the one-hour journey to Holywell via Newcastle soldier camp gives some the jitters as we pass break-aways in the road that are being fixed.

We are certainly quite a crowd - twenty-five hikers in all. For those who have not been to Holywell before, we take a walking tour past the cabins and gazebos.

The fresh air and wonderful views are an inspiration as always, pushing those everyday frustrations to the back of the mind where they rightfully belong! Seems like it has also pushed the idea of working to the back of the agenda for those CSP students who have discovered that the snack shop!

We are soon on our way, back along the road to Greenwich, passing the GAP cafe before we turn down between the coffee trees and through the rampant ginger plants. Not too many brave enough to try the taste of nastusium, whose leaves have a spicy, fresh salad taste.

Further down the bamboos and the fallen pines (still a relic of Ivan) add variety to our walk. Under the bamboo trees even looks like a comfortable place one could spend the night...

For those at the front, there is a little waiting for the keen photographers following behind. Then back to the road for the 20-minute stretch to Redlight.

Redlight itself enjoying its usually-busy Saturday, but we move on, down the rough road to the left which soon turns to follow the river for the rest of our journey.

We pass the first bridge where some tell us later that they swam in the deep pool. But others have been enjoying the regular bathing spot further on, with the large river rocks a perfet place to take a communal break. The amount of water coming over the fall, heading towards Mona dam, makes one wonder why there is a shortage of water in our pipes!

On the last leg now, from Penfield to Gordon Town, where we wait in vain for the JUTC bus. But oranges and bananas are there to fill the time.

In the end we track down the driver of a small truck who obliges us with a quick run to Papine. So, til next time....