Hike # 24 : Clydesdale - Cinchona

10 April 2010

Shanick, Javaughn, Raymond, Lori-Ann, Shane, Jheanelle, Paul

It's a lovely day - bright sunshine as we leave Papine, late as usual and missing a few, as usual. First stop is above Guava Ridge, taking in a clear view of Blue Mountain Peak itself.

As we turn off at St. Peters an unexpected chance for a change of vehicle with someone else driving... but we proceed in the truck after all and soon reach the very run-down guesthouse-that-used-to-be at Clydesale. It doesn't look so bad from a distance.

The old mill is falling apart even more, so we move on to begin the walk itself.

Well, we all look happy enough as we walk up through the coffee trees

But then up the steepest part, and a well-earned break in the shade of the bananas.

The weather still bright as we continue along the trail, which becomes steep once more towards the top.

But soon enough we are at the gardens, as beautiful and serene as ever.

The flowers are at their best so we have no trouble finding good things to write in the guest book.

Relaxing in the gardens, and hard to think about having to leave to go back down... inspired enough to give thanks for all this beauty in the world, and on our doorstep.

Even the grass tastes good to some of us, and the view looking south towards the Green River (border with St. Thoams) is impressive.

The lily-pond is quite gorgeous. But we have to go, eventually...

More terrace farming as we make our way down the hill - much easier going this way

And so to the small fording and then a little lower down on the same river , our favouraite (but very cold) swimming spot.

Safely back in Papine. Quietly thankful, and weary from the walking, and the bumps on the road. Til next time ....