Hike # 28 : Holywell - Gordon Town

9 April 2011

Kayla, Jheniel, Kereen, Jevon, Nikki-Ann, Paul

After the drive from UTECH, a walk to the cabins and around Holywell, we are at the turning ready to go down through the bushes. Seems like Jevon has lots of good company!

Taking in the wonderful views as we trek through the coffee farm, Nikki-Ann obviously enjoying herself.

Kayla too, as we push through the overgrown path to arrive at one amazing bamboo'shelter'.

Now through the pines, some showing the effects of Ivan in 2004.

Jumping down rocks before arriving at the raod, ready for a posy picture by the BJCMNP signboard.

On the road with Middleton in the background. And then, just below Redlight, we get some unexpected rain and out come the impromptu raincoats! .

Not as rainy as it looks, and Jevon lucky not to drop into the stream as the path breaks away (just a little).

Now to the waterfall, and for the first time the litter is bad enough to spoil what should have been a pleasant resting place.

Leaving the river, we soon reach Gordon Town, ready for the taxi back to Papine.

See you all next time!