Hike # 3: Whitfield Hall to Blue Mountain Peak

Saturday 11 February 2006

Sherona, Latoya, Kaideane, Simone, Dickeesha, Paul

We left Papine at 7.15am and were at Whitfield Hall by 8.45a.m. Started walking at 9am, reached Portland Gap by 10.30am, left there at 10.45am and finally the Peak greetd us at 1.15pm 4 hours. After a too-brief rest at the top, a little rain chased us on our way at 1.30pm and we were back down to Whitfield Hall at 4.30pm. The steep drive through Penlyne Castle and Epping Farm to Hagley Gap was thankfully on a dry road.

A bumpy ride on the back of the pickup going down for all but Dickeesha, who was nursing painful knees and ankles on a softer seat inside! Down at theYallahs River crossing, we collected colourful rock samples and stretched some stiffening limbs!

But we made it and agreed at 1.30pm on Saturday 11 February that this was the launch of our hiking club, the Blue Mountain Club, borrowing the name from a much earlier version at XLCR in the 1970s!

In this picture, we reach the Peak at last! Sherona (standing centre), Latoya (on the right), Kaideane (bending), Simone (laying down), Dickeesha (sitting)