Hike # 35 : Clydesdale - Cinchona

5 April 2012

Mesha, Romerio, Sherrie, Brittani, Briana, Kayla, Paul

The promised eleven hikers turned into a rather different seven... and five wanted to squeeze up in the back seat at the start! Before long, four were enjoying the fun of being outside
on the back, here stopped by the shop at the turn-off to Clydesdale (near St. Peters).

A brief stop at Clydesale 'ruins' before going a little further on to start the walk, saving time since we set off from Papine only at 10am.

The first part is very steep and a little rest is very welcome. The second steep climb has a similar effect...

Some parts not so steep and we make good progress... the clear morning sky now becoming ominously cloudy.

And, yes, soon the rain comes and umbrellas come to the rescue, although the two young ones hitch a ride and leave the rest of us to struggle on. But we do arrive eventually and
the shelter of the kitchen at Cinchona is very welcome.

Inside together before the rain eases and then we have a chance to enjoy the gardens.

Posing in the latest garbage bag style before signing the visitors' book.

The walk back down to the truck is always easier of course, and some find small peaches near the ruins of the coffee mill.

The coffee mil does indeed need quite a bit of restoration... let's hope its not too late.

Here's the bathing spot but we are already wet enough, thank you!

Back to a warmer Papine, safe and sound.