Hike # 36 : Holywell - Gordon Town

14 April 2012

Aliyah, Carlisle, Berton, Sherene, Machel, Paul

Not such a bright day in Papine but by the time we reached Holywell, the weather seemed to be improving. We had our usual walk over to the cabins before starting the trek back down .

Outside the Holywell entrance is the sign that indicates Portland just round the bend. Looks like Hardwar Gap is at the bottom of the sign! Soon on our way, turning off the Newcastle
road, down amongst the coffee trees and everyone's favourite hot salad... nastursium!

Despite our hopes, the rain soon catches up with us and on go the garbage bags. The bamboos however give some shelter for a few minutes.

The rain comes and goes, so the new 2012 style, including matching headgear, is practical if nothing else!

After the tall bushes had wet us up (as well as the rain) walking through the pines was actually less slippery then when the ground is dry.

Eventually back to the Newcastle road for the 30 minutes to Redlight where we stop for a $100 box meal - festival, chicken and veggie-stew!

Following the lower path now to Gordon Town - together as a group which is often rare.

Soon to bridge just above Penfield and then the last 20 minutes along the road to Gordon Town itself.

A health fair going on so we are treated to some soup before jumping in taxis back to Papine.