Hike # 38 : Holywell - Maryland via Woodford

6 October 2012

Shaquille, Demar, Christina, Mesha, Paul

Wiating at UTECH with the CSP students. An hour later and we are at Holywell, in the 'misty bliss', the females it seems more optimistic about the weather than the young men!
The visitor centre is in the background.

Mesha leads the way as we walk the path in Holwell towards the cabins. A little later and there is a guava tree to raid, some not so ripe but still OK.

Stopping to take in the view looking down the lush valley. Upper Woodford on the right looks like a picture book.

The boys in the lead this time and then some country plums to eat, some with worm, some without...

As we walk past Woodford square, Demar is showing the way before we head down the track from Happy Gate. The rain came briefly but didn't trouble us too much.

More pretty views which include coffee berries ripening on the trees.

Shaquille looking out for the untied cow but we 'survive' with Christina now in front.

More guavas and always, alwsys the beautiful countryside...

Looking down the Mammee River valley and across at a pretty green hillside.

The path may look a little difficult but really very safe. And just as we reach the road to take a taxi back to Papine, the rain begins to fall... HEAVILY. We find shelter just in time
and soon we are on our way back to Papine. Thanks as always to that great spirit living within and amongst us... we are blessed.