Hike # 4: Clydesdale - Cinchona

Sunday 7 May 2006

Terri-Ann, Theressa, Paul

Only three of us after all, but a bright, fine day as we drive into the hills from Papine.

As we reach Content Gap, we can't quite see Blue Mountain Peak but Cinchona, our destination today, beckons from afar.

Down through St.Peters then up the road to Clydesdale.. and still a disappointment. Bush everywhere, the historic coffee mill falling into ruin, and the guest house missing most of its floor and roof - at least some bees have found a home there. Even the track to the swimming area nearby is very overgrown...

But the walk up the hill is pleasant, though steep in places. Didn't quite manage to beg breakfast from the coffee workers on the way... At the top, looking across to the Blue Mountains from the wooden bench, we enjoy our chicken lunch, home-cooked or from Papine as the case may be.

The gardens at the top are as lovely as ever, lily pond included.... Inside the main building it still looks pretty cosy - good for an overnight sometime, sitting around a warming fire?

Our hearts full, we turn back down the path to Clydesdale- much easier this way! Even a swim, a cold, cold swim in the river for one of us....

Looking forward to the next trip already....