Hike # 42 : Abbey Green - Blue Mountain Peak

7 March 2015

Shadae, Jerome, Samantha, Dameon, Bertrand, Paul

Comments below the pictures thanks to Samantha

All of us meeting up in Papine to set off on our journey early 6:45AM. When Paul says no later than 7AM that's exactly what he means.

We are all looking so clueless. We are happy, cheerful and perky. Ready or not here we go.

And the journey begins. Shadae smiling away. Wont be smiling for too long. Right Paul?

I know the gate has a sign that says no tresspassing but let's tresspass anyways. Who said that? not me.

Bertrand looking rather enthused. Where's everyone else? That's right, Bertrand heeelllpppp.

Beautiful scenery.Picture time. lights, camera, say cheeeese.

The lovebirds.Dameon and Shadae. Enjoying the rest.

ugghh. Man, why did Jerome have to make me bring so much food. Should I drop the dish and make a run for it?? Darn I cant go so fast.

Finally, a resting spot near the cabins at Portland Gap... oooo. And we are nearly half way to the Peak!! I hope no ghosts are here. okay there aren't any. Lovely picnic spot.

Bertrand exploring the cabins. great lodging area for friends and family for renting.

I know I complain a lot. But buoy am I tired. I'll wait here until you all come back.

Spectacular, Amazing, Breathtaking

The man of my dreams. Thanks Jerome for helping me up the mount.

Me thinking how I almost turned back but relieve to be at the peak. Yay me!!

Its cold but I am really happy.

Bertrand made it up first but Jerome and Samantha beat him to the peak. Maybe next time Bertrand

It is so cold, brrrrr. We can go, but not before I eat.

Jerome I am not taking it all. I am just eating as much as I can which is all of it.

It sure is comfy in here. Making ourselves at home or at least trying to.m

And the feast continues. I'm stuffed.

We are the champions, not, but we did make it to the peak. Great job you guys.

We are so happy. Lets smile some more.... but darn, its time to go back down now. Sigh


St. Thomas coastline in the distance

And now we are out of the rain, in the warm again

I am just reflecting while I am on my journey. It was worth it!


Shadae:"This river seems to soothe my worn feet. whew what a relief from all that walking." Dameon:"Shadae it is time to go now. You can play with the fishes next time."

On the road, Portland Gap and Blue Mountain now far away in the distance.... back to Papine we go.


Paul is the most skilled driver I ever know. He knows how to overcome the potholes and bad roads.

Tessane prepare to make a speed about these road for us. Thanks in advance.