Hike # 44 : Clydesdale to Cinchona

24 September 2016

Samantha, Jerome, Shadae, Dameon, Bertrand, Trudy, Paul

1 Ready and waiting?!
2 Energy up #Arizona #wata #blendupblendup

3 Jerome,how long you think since this machine worked?
4 Watch your steps....don't get those shoes wet.

5 Yes, Samantha and Jerome this way. Up the hill not down.
6 Green coffee bean! How that coffee taste?

7 Focus-small steps, conserve your energy.
8 And we are waiting...again!

9 Bag juice sweet unuh though? Trudy you nah go get no reception up here!
10 Why you smiling? Because am not behind this time.

11 Nice view.
12 Wait don't pass mi....let mi tie my shoes lace

13 Pine trees?
14 Nice view!

15 Finally, Cinchona!!!
16 Nice view from the hills.

17 I have to capture this! Snap!!snap!!
18 The road to Cinchona.

19 Picture time-say cheese!
20 Recycle, reuse, renew and rebuild

21 Just beautiful!
22 Where are the fishes?

23 Now that's how you take a group picture. Now say cheese!
24 Time to go..anyone wants muffins dem squeeze up thou.

25 Mi affi go test out day wata yah.
26 Yes!! Another trip. Enjoyed to the fullest!