Hike # 45 : Robins Bay to Kwaman Falls (St. Mary)

5 March 2017

PJ, Alessandra, Oliver, Paul

So far, so good (but we had a flat tyre when we returned). The path is good, and mostly shady.

Is that a Tottenham shirt, Oliver? Carrying the message far and wide! Signs of what used to be a major road/track in days gone by...

Quite a spectacular coastline in this remote part of St. Mary... Port Maria is just around the headland but the sea too rough to boat it today.

Looking back eastwards to Robin's Bay in these pictures

The track leads down to this beach, and then up again before turning inland, followwing the river towards the falls

Nearly there now (just over an hour's walk).. just clamber up those rocks (don't slip now)...

Shoes off.. and wet pants if you are not careful... but what a pretty picture, the falls and the lake

Swimming and lots more pictures... need to bring a proper picnic next time, even do some cooking (and camping??)

Screensaver pictures for the taking... this has to be one of the most picturesque places in Jamaica

So we head back, through the woods, across a dry gully (carrying a very heavy camera bag!)

Just one more stop at the beach where the boats from Port Maria come too - its a wide beach and looks like a good party spot