Hike # 46 : Trail 1 - Abbey Green to Blue Mountain Peak - 11 March 2017

11 March 2017

Shanice, Shantelle, Collin, Odaine, PJ, Paul

It should have been nine of us, but sleep and other things often intervene! Ready to walk at 8.30am from Abbey Green having left Papine at 6.40am.

The going gets tough as we start up Jacob's Ladder... but the views are spectacular... on top of the world

Don't worry Shanice, half and hour gone, just about three hours more... Work at Portland Gap - a gazebo

and a 'gate-keeper's' cabin... wow, how did all those materials reach up here? Ancient woodland, thankfully protected

Waiting for others, but not far to go... and finally the triangle at the Peak, all 7402 feet above sea level

Misty but we did get some views through breaks in the clouds... the cabin at the top is in a sorry state

Looks like a happy crowd... well done guys. Now the walk back down, eventually to the Yallahs River for a cooling dip

Did we really go there??? Looks lovely and now on our way home... til next time.