Hike # 5: Gordon Town - Constitution Hill - Kintyre

Saturday 27 May 2006

Sherona, Latoya, Kaideane, Paul

We had another good walk today. Started from Gordon Town at 10.20am to Constitution Hill, sweating up some steep (but shortish) sections, passing two curious donkeys and a cool, inviting stream and visiting Mr.Taylor on the way (he has a wonderful view looking out across Kingston from his bamboo bench). Most people from Constitution Hill seemed to have gone to the KSA Agricultural Show on the Jamaica College grounds - the community has a thriving home economics group, making jams, wines etc.

Refilled water bottles, then back down towards Kintyre and more panoramic views of Kingston. Mangoes enough to load a banana boat and several tamarind trees which filled a big bag, and bellies too until our mouths could cope no more with the 'staininess'.

Kintyre and Tavern an utter contrast to the coolness of the hills but vibrant communities nevertheless, divided by a deceptively dry Hope River, but still showing signs of those hurricane waters.

A welcome rest at EatRyte in Papine by just after 3pm, and beginning thoughts of next time....