Hike # 6 : Gordon Town - Content Gap

Saturday 22 July 2006

Sherona, Kaideane, Shaniek, Milton, Paul

Looks like the trails are disappearing... nearly didn't make this one, the main trail completely obliterated. It was only thanks to newcomer Milton that we completed what used to be a very straighforward walk.... Met up in Papine by 8.30am and drove up to Gordon Town, parking by the courthouse. Set off up the road by 8.45am towards Penfield, which takes about 20 minutes (a driving road, of sorts).

Penfield is at the end of the driving road, chock full of cars as usual, but this time no old ones thrown in the river.... over the walking bridge and the climb begins, steep and over a few landslips - nothing too challenging though, apart from the heart, and lungs, and legs...

Soon on a more level path and we can relax a little. Even enjoy the sight of a pretty waterfall.

Whoa.... what happened to this first bridge??? Ivan really didn't like us, or was it Denis? The next stone arch bridge still standing though, unlike the third bridge which is not there at all!

But we are making progress and having some fun clambering around a landslide, under fallen bamboos, up to the beginnings of a coffee farm and then... no path, no sign of a path. So we stop for a bite to eat and then search around through the thick bush, up the steep loose slopes, but no path... Beginning to consider turning back but Milton has another go - soon spot him well above us on what he thinks is a path.

Excited again we clamber through thick under/over growth and join Milton amongst the coffee. Another half hour and we come to a metal gate (ajar) and... the main path. So we had been through someone's coffee (thanks).

Easier walking now as we reach the path to Charlottenburgh House - in fact only after asking because the path is now a driving road. Steep in places so our tired limbs are straining a bit and then.... no Charlottenburgh House, just some well kept grounds, a grassy lawn and a chunky stone fireplace and chimney. We are told later it burnt down... another attraction gone.....

Back on the track and soon at Content Gap, not relishing the walk back down by now. Happier to have some cool drinks from the bar (thanks, Francella) and wait for the minibus back to Gordon Town. It eventually comes, but not before we had started walking up the hill towards Valda..

Finally, cooling off our feet in the river in Gordon Town.