#2: Rivers View Cottage, Mavis Bank (30 minutes from Papine)

Drive through the hills, stay by the river...

Self-contained , purpose-built accommodation, set in the hills. Sleep to the sound of a bubbling river, bathe your feet and soul in its cool, fresh water....

Self-catering bed-sit accommodation for up to four people - one or two double beds are available.
The main room is quite large, with a kitchenette and living area. There is a bathroom with shower adjoining the room.

Cost: J$2500 for one person per night, J$3500 for two people, J$4500 for three or four persons

Notice: Three days requested

Directions: drive towards Mavis Bank from Papine. The road ascends gently for 25 minutes to reach Guava Ridge.
Continue straight on down a gentle descent until you cross a small river, and then a large boulder reaching into the road.
The house is right there! If you reach the entrance to the Coffee Factory, you have just passed it.
The guest accommodation is the separate, two-storey building in the picture.

Contact: Louise Jacobs
Tel: (876) 977 8093
Email: mahnia1@yahoo.ca