Mavis Bank / Mount Charles

Geographically, Mavis Bank encompasses a large area, including at least the districts of Westphalia, Hallís Delight, Mavis Bank proper, Mt Charles, Guava Ridge, Top Road, Resource, Tower Hill, Lime Tree, Davidís Hill, and Forty-Five district. The main road leading to Mavis Bank is in fair condition.

Located in an area of exceptional beauty, there are several small and medium-sized initiatives geared at tapping the ecotourist market, and this is an area which looks set to expand.

The main sources of employment in the Mavis Bank area are in coffee-farming, the Mavis Bank coffee factory, several poultry and pig farms, and some plant nursing.

Public transport, electricity, telephone services, postal services (Post Office in Mavis Bank, Postal Agency in Tower Hill), a police station, a health centre (in poor condition), a PC bank, a library, several churches, and small shops are present. Domestic water supply however, sometimes suffers from low pressure.

There is a community centre (the Norman Manley Community Centre) and a youth club in Mt Charles. Basic schools are located in ome of the districts, all-age and primary schools (in Tower Hill, Flamstead, Mavis Bank (proper), Hallís Delight, Westphalia), a school for children with special needs, and a comprehensive high school, most with functional PTAs.

The Mavis Bank Citizensí Association

The Citizensí Association is very keen to be inclusive, and to voice the concerns of all the districts in the area. They see the possibility of the conversion of the Health Centre into a mini clinic, serving all the outlying districts. Since the area is well populated, there is no doubt that a comprehensive health centre would serve an important function in an area where the majority of the population is in the lower income brackets.

The Citizensí Association takes an active role in the development of ecotourist initiatives, and has recently had some encouraging experiences with the production of promotional material and the organisation of group tours.