Trip #2 : Holywell (overnight)

Saturday / Sunday 10 / 11 February 2007

Shaniek, Sherona, Ramond, Karl, Keris, Chad, Kishanie, Paul

In Papine again at 8am for a more leisurely start. Deciding on our food and then to shop for what we need. Rice and flour and saltfish, corned beef, corn, cool-aid and sugar... we should survive! Set off about 9am ready for our overnight adventure. The drive to Woodford is straighforward, but the back road to Holywell... a little steeper, a little more bumpy and standing (rather than sitting) in the back of the pick-up is the only option. Soon there nevertheless, all in one piece and the cabin looks good.

Bathroom with water heater! Tidy beds and drapes. Fireplace for the night, and the kitchen for... now. Gas stove, refrigerator and all that we need. Bellies soon full with rice and corned beef, we set off to find the back road again, and that tree sculpture (a leaf-less eucalyptus). But what kind of road is it, ever deeper into the valley... mmm, the wrong way so we turn back at the stream.

Better luck the second time, but who said we wanted to walk halfway back to Woodford?? The short-cut was fun, but quite unnecessary of course!

Back to the cabin for a rest, the verandah providing that perfect spot to cool out, looking on a city far below, stretching across the water and cane fields to Port Royal, Portmore and Hellshire. Binoculars add to the arms-length exploration.

Cool night approaching, so off to collect firewood in the pickup - a little easier than foraging on foot.

The waterfall trail then beckons, although the mist has arrived and its seems too cool to contemplate a splash. So we return up the road to the cabin, soon to drive along to the soldier camp for.... well, a little beer and rum but also a mini-tour thanks to one young officer, a friend of one of us. Back to the cabin and the kitchen becomes active again, bwile dumplin an saltfish full dem belly once more. Our 'Georgie' ketch di fire light with much skill and patience. Others strum a tune to make the scene complete.

The dew now done, three of us stretch out under the stars in our sleeping bags near the cabin, nearer to nature maybe, but the tough ground means there is a price to pay. Can't be too bad though, for in the morning one is hard to rouse... No need for tents - the others squeeze up inside the cabin, door wide open and not a worry in the world.

Brekfus take us now - well, its those dumpings again to put back what the cold took away. A restful morning the before we set off back - that rough road a second time, and just as much fun as before. Disappointed by the mawga waterfall at Holywell, we detour to Gordon Town and Penfield. Can't miss out on that swimming spot we enjoyed two weeks before.

But its time to re-connect with the rest of our lives as we head back to Papine. Sorry for all those who didn't make it on the trip - next time,OK?