Flora & Fauna
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The flowers of Jamaica are very flamboyant.
Most of these pictures were taken in the hills near to Irish Town.

The plants below are not flowers, of course, but they are equally interesting.

Aloevera contains a rich, clear sap which is used in many cosmetic products -
it can be used directly on the skin, and when hair-washing, with excellent results.
Agave is used for making rope.

Chocho, which grows on a vine, is a well-liked fruit/vegetable, especially in soup.
Pawpaw turns orange when ripe, a delicious soft fruit - when green, the pulp is used to treat open wounds.

Ackee is eaten in Jamaica - the other islanders don't trust it!
The pod must open before taking out the white segments, to allow a poisen to escape...
but once cooked (lightly) it's the basis of our national dish, ackee-and-saltfish.
Oranges are not always bright orange in colour in Jamaica, but most are still very sweet.

When picked young, coconuts can be cut open for a cool, nutricious drink...
.. then the jelly (flesh) can be scooped out to complete your meal!
The soursop contains a fleshy white pulp which is made into a rich drink.

The plantain can be cooked green or ripe...
...on the tree, the fingers point in all directions (unlike the banana)
Nothing to eat on the Traveller's Palm, but it is magnificnt.