Anal Beads VS Butt Plugs, What is Better?

There is no lack of options when it comes to sex toys. You can easily access high-quality vaginal and anal sex toys online. All you need to do is finding a reliable platform that offers some great varieties of sex toys. Once you are on that website and looking for various options, it will be quite easy to pick a perfect sex toy and buy it. 

Although it might seem easier to buy a perfect one for the solo play, you might get confused between butt plugs and anal beads. Both are used for anal sex simulation and both serve different purposes. First-time users might not know why but plugs are different than anal beads. Therefore, this information is going to be very helpful to them. 

Butt plugs and anal beads, both are anal toys:

You get two main options in anal sex toys, butt plugs and anal beads. Anal play is not a preferred way of enjoying erotic moments because numerous people have not tried it yet. Although it is pretty wonderful and thrilling, people think it may cause health threats. Both butt plugs and anal beads are designed to eliminate that fear. 

You will find it really amazing that how easily you can use these sex toys and terminate your fears associated with anal play. When it comes to choosing the right anal sex toy, you might find it a bit confusing to choosing between butt plugs and anal beads. Hence, both sex toys are widely used by users, you might wonder like Anal beads vs butt plugs, what is better? Let’s find out:

  • Anal beads:

Anal beads are connected through a cotton or nylon string. This sex toy comes in a variety of different designs, shapes, and built from several different materials. You can find anal beads made of plastic, rubber, glass, silicone, and steel. The size of beads would be different in each model. The beginner users can find a model with smaller size anal beads in which all the beads will be attached in a progressive order. The size of the initial beads remains smaller than the beads attached towards the base. 

You will not be afraid of using this sex toy because the first and smallest bead would be slightly bigger than the size of a pea. With the right tactic and high-quality lubrication, it will be much easier to put it in and enjoy the anal play

The string can be up to 12” long that connects all the different size beads. There will be a ring or t-bar at the end of the string that will make it much easier for you to push and pull beads. Anal beads feature various different size beads to allow you to enjoy the anal play in a very convenient way. You can go up to the size that makes you feel comfortable and offers extreme pleasure. This anal play toy is designed for both male and female users. Its unique design will make it much easier for you to enjoy anal play without facing any discomfort. 

Couples would love to use anal beads when involving in normal erotic activities. The female partner can put the beads in and then indulge in normal sexual activities. Both male and female will feel the presence of beads in the anal canal because the wall between anus and vagina is very thin. Every motion will make you feel the thrill of using anal beads. You would love to try it every time during sex because it will reveal an exciting way of enjoying sex

  • Butt plugs:

Butt plugs are also designed for anal play, but this sex toy is very different. Sex toy producing companies prepare butt plugs from various different materials such as ABS plastic, silicone, metal, rubber, etc. Butt plugs prepared from soft materials such as rubber or silicone are perfect for the beginners. If you have already tried the smoother ones, you can go for firmer and heavier models of butt plugs. 

Unlike anal beads, butt plugs come as one unit. The size of the butt plug will be narrow near the tip and wider towards the base. That unique design allows you to put the butt plug easily in the rectum and you will feel fuller when the wider region will get inside. Every butt plug comes with a flared base to prevent butt plug from slipping further during the ass play. 

Butt plugs are also available in various different sizes. If it is going to be your first experience, you should choose to use smaller size butt plugs. It should not be too wide to push into your butt because you thus it will become a painful experience for you. Larger size butt plugs are perfect for pros, who love to enjoy solo anal play. You can wear this sex toy for a much longer time. You will enjoy the feeling of fullness and you can also keep it in when enjoying sex with your partner. 

Butt plugs or anal beads?

When you just want to experience the feeling of fullness, butt plugs are simply great. Many women use this sex toy while enjoying normal sex. The sensation of butt plugs is felt by both partners during erotic activities. You do not need to pull it out because this sex toy is not designed to fulfil that purpose. 

If you are going to try anal sex with your partner and do not want to make it a painful experience, you should choose anal beads. It will be much easier for you to put small size beads in. you can push larger size beads in if you feel comfortable. That’s how you are going to reveal the real pleasure of anal play. 

To answer the main question, anal beads are the best for the beginner users and butt plugs are for pros. However, you can choose larger size anal beads if you use beads time and again. Anal beads will make anal play very exciting and enjoyable for you.

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